College Lift Initiative

Family Accompaniment
Over the course of their seven year journey, our scholars will spend no more than 5% of their time at Weekend Academy or after-school tutoring. The vast majority of the rest of their time will be spent in their homes and communities. As such, we cannot empower our scholars without empowering their families. Our partnerships with universities, local schools, and other nonprofit organizations pale in comparison to the importance of partnership with the adults in our scholar’s lives.

On a biweekly basis, an adult caretaker representing each scholar (parent, grandparent, guardian, etc.) will meet during Weekend Academy for the Family Accompaniment program. Family Accompaniment is designed not only to boost caretaker involvement in their scholar’s academics, but also to lower educational barriers in the home through soft skills training and domestic support. These meetings will play host to a variety of constructive content, ranging from discussions on parenting adolescents, best dietary and sleep habits for growing children, and homework facilitation, to workshops on conflict resolution and financial literacy. Family Accompaniment is caretaker directed, meaning that program content is not prescribed, but rather collaboratively chosen by those that it is designed to help. Family Accompaniment is administrated by the Piedmont Renewal Network’s Family Council, a group of community stakeholders, subject matter experts, and scholar caretakers. The Family Council facilitates the programming and services our scholar’s caretakers communicate they most desire.

Family Accompaniment builds a wholistic, wrap-around model of support for our scholars and their families. This program lifts our scholars to new heights both in and out of the classroom, preparing them for uncommon academic success, and imbuing entire families with the hope of a brighter future.