Joining Forces with Forsyth Tech

by | February 19, 2019

At 11:00 AM on Saturday, February 16th, Forsyth Technical Community College signed an official partnership agreement with the Piedmont Renewal Network:

Here’s what that deal means for the Piedmont Renewal Network, for Forsyth Tech, and most importantly, for our students:

1. Full Tuition Scholarships for our Students

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this agreement is the guarantee of 25 full tuition scholarships given annually to graduates of the College Lift Initiative (CLI) program. Upon high school graduation, 25 CLI students will be able to enroll in Forsyth Tech programming tuition free. The first of these scholarships will be awarded in 2024, when our first group of students will graduate high school. Barring unforeseen circumstances, this is an agreement that is designed to continue indefinitely, with full tuition scholarships being awarded at the end of every academic year from 2024 forward!

 2. Enhanced Resources for our Parents and Families

 The Piedmont Renewal Network offers resources and support to entire families in addition to the programming provided to their students through CLI. Our new partnership with Forsyth Tech can support these families by:

  • Providing career advancement opportunities to parents

Our parents are always looking to do what’s best for their children, and as such many of them are interested in career advancement options. Forsyth Tech and the Piedmont Renewal Network are already exploring possibilities for seminars and professional development opportunities for those interested, and are committed to working together to ensure our families are aware of Forsyth Tech’s valuable and accessible course offerings.

  • Raising awareness of affordable options for our students’ siblings

Whether because they are too old, still too young, or not attending a partnering middle school, many of our students have siblings who are not in the CLI program. This is at the forefront of many of our parents minds, which is one of the reasons why our partnership with Forsyth Tech is so exciting. Technical skills that can be acquired at schools like Forsyth Tech are in high demand these days, particularly in Winston-Salem’s emerging job market. Our friends at Forsyth Tech will be working with our students’ brothers and sisters to make sure they see the opportunities that are available to them through this quality local institution.

  • Connections to community resources

Forsyth Tech is an institution at the center of community activity in Winston-Salem. As we look to deepen a resource pool for our students, parents, and families, the possibilities for connections and creative collaborations with Forsyth Tech will surely be numerous!

3. The Alignment of Two Like Minded Organizations

Finally, the Piedmont Renewal Network and Forsyth Tech have quite a bit in common when it comes to our mission and vision. Both organizations aspire to see people from all over the community have a shot at the best local jobs. Both organizations are seeking to improve the lives of those who may not otherwise have the opportunity to work in quality, high-skill positions. As Forsyth Tech and the Piedmont Renewal Network begin to innovate together, we hope to see it enrich the scope and impact of their joint aspirations.

PRN Executive Director Logan Philon speaking with Forsyth Tech President Dr. Janet Spriggs and Vice President Dr. Joel Welch.

Forsyth Tech has been a leader in equitable education for decades (see our blog, “How Did We Get Here?”), garnering a reputation as one of the best technical schools in the region. The Piedmont Renewal Network is thrilled to join forces with such an institution, and looks forward to continued innovate collaboration in the time to come.