Bethany Seymour

Academic Director

Bethany headshot 2018.jpg

Growing up in a household of educators,  I knew by the eighth grade teaching was my destiny, and soon after began tutoring students the same year. I continued my tutoring hobby through high school. Upon starting college, I immediately declared my majors as secondary English education and Bible, and minored in history. I was blessed to pay for my schooling through working as an intern at the Social Security Administration and to meet my husband, Jason, at this time too. After 141 hours of course work and four years, the Middle College at Bennet of Guilford County Schools hired me where I taught English Language Arts. In 2013, I joined Calvary Day School as an ELA teacher and continue to teach there today. During this time, two life events shaped me: the continuation of my professional development and the birth of my son, Alan. Program completion is nigh and graduation is May 2018. I am excited to start my next step, helping the Piedmont Renewal Network reshape Winston-Salem.


Logan Philon

Executive Director

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Logan Philon is the executive director of the Piedmont Renewal Network and has led the program since its inception. During his teenage years he was deeply impacted by taking part in his church’s outreach to the projects of Columbia, South Carolina. These experiences drove Logan to study the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., which solidified a desire to devote himself to helping those in need. Upon arrival at Piedmont International University in the fall of 2013 (graduated 2017), he was struck by the poverty and inequality of Winston-Salem. Logan spent a large portion of his time as a college student leading student involvement in the poorest areas of the city, while studying poverty and forming the ideas that would become the foundation for the Piedmont Renewal Network. He enjoys reading, travel, and politics. Logan lives with his wife Heather in Winston-Salem.


Noel Wagoner

Executive Assistant


Noel Wagoner graduated from Salem College in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. During her studies, Noel found her passions rooted in strategic management and business finance. She has joined the Piedmont Renewal Network team in an effort to expedite businesses processes, analyze organizational strategies, and facilitate growth within the organization.